Not left much choice but to move her to my sisters. She is in real severe pain, when she is moving. The problem is that she hasn't done any walking or anything yet. I am still hopeful. If I was rich I would hire to assist me in keeping her home. I do not want mom to have to leave her house.

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Just been through this ....... after a five day hospitization mom was sent to a rehab facility for three weeks. After her surgery they concentrated on getting her walking to some degree and pain management before being transferred. We were told for the most favorable outcome she needed intensive PT and OT, something we would not get through home services. She has returned home and is now doing more than when she fell.....which is cause for concern because she is very stubborn and is considered to be a high fall risk. But that’s another issue all together. She is still receiving services as out patient for the next 4 weeks.
For the best possible recovery, rehab is absolutely necessary....did anyone discuss this with you prior to her release from the hospital? I would get in touch with social services ASAP as well as her surgeon for placement. Does mom have other medical issues that would hinder her recovery? Also are her living arrangements suitable for the mobility challenges for someone post op...clear paths for walkers, toilet seat height adjustments shower transfer seats etc. ? There is a lot to consider for keeping our parents safe while living at home.....but not saying it shouldn’t or can’t be done.

What would your mother like best?

If she's had a nasty fall, and an operation, and she is in pain, and she has yet to complete a course of rehabilitation, then I wouldn't assume she's in a hurry to get home. It could well be that at least for now she needs the extra assurance of having somebody around 24/7, and if she needs help with personal care she'd want that somebody to be female (I expect).

Do you get on with your sister? Can you not talk to her about it?

This is a worrying time for you, but all things being equal you're right to be hopeful. How are things going at work, do you have sympathetic co-workers and managers?

Your mom needs to go to rehab.

There are lots of other choices besides her moving her into your sister's home.

Is either sister's home or moms home appropriately set up for someone using a walker?

She should be able to go to a Rehabilitation facility for PT and care, and be evaluated by a Social Worker at the least as far as options for her care after Rehab. Maybe you could give us a little more information and we could make better suggestions.

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