My mother has always been abusive to my brothers and I I have never had any love for her and do. It care for her at all now that she is 72 . I'm not gonna take care of her.

It is obvious that she is aging and needs support but I figure she has saved money for this stage of life as she has stolen two of my inheritances
I imagine she has taken my two brothers as well
So she's rich whike my brothers and I continue to struggle at 40 52 and 53

I know everyone blames us for not being successful in life

Well my mother had destroyed my marriage of 30 yrs by telling my husband that I am mentally ill while I was going to graduate school and God only knows the rest
I hate my mother and I am not sorry for it and hope she dies soon

Don't worry that's not gonna happen because it just won't

I know I sound cruel but no one knows the cruelty this woman has done and I continue to see evidence to indict her for crimes against the family

I am not angry I am calling it like it is and I am told not to keep it a secret anymore
I am here to seek advice and guidance on what to do with a person who has destroyed the lives of her children
I know and am use to no one believing me and blaming me for the severe and acute problems in my life
Fact remains I will not take care of my mother now that she is old
She had my younger brother put away I a mental institution
My next brother is autistic and has nothing no job no car no education no nothing and he is 52
He just stays in his room watching porn
And now here I am cast into an environment that I will not remain in just because my mother is getting old and needs support

I no longer believe in God
I am expecting no good to come from her dying

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If you are not the actual court-appointed guardian of her, or if you do not have Power of Attorney, you have no tie to this woman or what she will need in the future.

Walk away, don't look back, and do what you need to for your own healing. Don't assume it will all fall to you because it doesn't have to.

It's ok, not everyone is capable of being a mother or even a good person. Once your mother is unable to care for herself and you can prove to you can have her deemed incompetent by the courts and then put her in a nursing home. I worked at a nursing home and have had families put in the paper work to not call them until the person died and all I could think about is WOW that person had to have been rotten to their kids for them to put that request in the paper work. Sadly there are nasty people in this world and it sounds like your mother is one of them. I'm sorry for you that she was rotten to you and your brothers. Don't worry take a deep breath look up at the sky because its a beautiful day and everything will be ok.

Get to a therapist, a shrink, and do the hard work to let go of your bitterness and pain. you want a good pschcologist. Good luck

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