My Aunt died the 27th of June this year at a nursing home, 2 of my brothers died down South in nursing homes. Kinda afraid of nursing homes, should I be? I was told that they starve you to death, tell me it isn't so. I would love to go to nursing homes and visit the people that have no family, how would I go about doing that? I miss my Aunt, she was the last of my mom's sisters to die, my other Aunt died in October, it was only 3 girls and I miss them all.❤

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I am sorry for your loss. My condolence to you and your family. Loses so frequently is very hard for any family to overcome from it. Don't you think this is wired frequent death in the family. I think you should ask for someone, this is not ok. You can also talk to a voyance as they have the power to see extraordinary things and event. Also go to the nursing home and talk to the volunteers.

Dear MsFaye,

My deepest condolences and sympathies on the passing of your aunt and two brothers. I'm so sorry for your losses.

I know the food in nursing home aren't always the best, but I don't believe any of them intentionally starve anyone. Sometimes the resident's can't eat because of their meds or because of their health conditions though.

If you are up for it, I know your company would be welcomed in a nursing home. Walk right in and to speak to the receptionist for more information.

So sad isn't it
Your caring nature would certainly be appreciated by someone who is lonely

While no one is starved there are those who need a little extra help at mealtime - maybe they can't reach their tray or handle a folk so well or hold their cup - and wouldn't it be nice if they were handed a warm washcloth to wipe their mouth and hands

MsFaye, my heartfelt sympathy to you for the passing of your Aunt.

Oh my gosh, the person who told you that residents in nursing homes are starved to death wasn't thinking.... why would a nursing home want to kill off a paying customer? Usually a patient is in a nursing home because they need that higher set of nursing skills.

If you do fill not comfortable wanting to do volunteer work at a nursing home, why not try Assisted Living first to give you some practice. They love volunteers. Then later try volunteering at a nursing home. Maybe do one place one day, and the other place another day. I think that is a great idea of you helping out :)

Sometimes the food is not the kind you are used to or doesn't have much variety, but nobody is starving unless they themselves refuse what is offered (or if they can no longer eat at the end of life, but that is a totally different topic).
Most nursing homes welcome volunteers, you can start by calling those in your area to see if they coordinate their own support groups or ask them to direct you to the groups that they have come in. Seniors centres and adult day care are some other places that may welcome additional hands. Good luck!

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