Mirror, mirror on the wall.


I am caring for my 87 yr old mother in my Miami Beach condo. She has dementia but is in relatively good health otherwise. When I bought my condo many years ago I installed several walls of mirrors to reflect the beautiful views. Now those walls have turned into "other people". She talks to the people in the mirror and is concerned that they won't leave. She thinks my reflection is my sister (which I don't have) because my reflection looks a lot like me. I can't afford the cost or construction mess to remove and skim coat the walls right now. Has anyone else had this problem and what do you recommend I do? (I've posted on a decorators website to see if they can offer a temporary solution but wanted to check here as well.) Thanks in advance for any advise or ideas.

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If you have white copy paper for your printer, tape the white paper on the mirror at eye level. If your Mom bends down to look at the mirror, do another level of paper.

Exactly what I was thinking, glad.

Hang fabric over the mirrors or maybe there is an artist that would paint some sort of murals on them? One way or the other cover most of them.