Three week onset of extreme paranoia i.e.; curtains must all be drawn just so-so, doors and windows checked and checked and checked . . . sometimes with extra support like sticks to brace them. She can hear what I am saying, but often can not decipher what she heard. Delusions, extreme anxiety, exaggerated sundowning symptoms from 2 to bedtime. Her appetite has declined; however, she does enjoy sweets of any sort. She has suffered a loss of her husband (divorce), loss of grandchild, loss of church community; loss of sister, and now loss of herself. Although her Father, Grandfather, Aunt, Sister, and brother have all suffered through death, she shields herself somehow. She often will ask "will I just not know anything any more?", "I won't know ANYTHING anymore?". "There is NOTHING we can do about this?" Tough questions. Honest answers.
I took her to her Family doctor. Everything was better than fine. Neurologist says maybe taking one of her bedtime medications earlier. And see you in three months. We get into the car and she turns to me and says "they aren't going to do anything?" She is terrified of being away from me. My every blink, wince, mumble, and sometimes thought is carefully calculated to try and make some kind of sense in the world that hardly seems intelligible through the paranoia, confusion, and fog.
She is 72 and in incredible health. I a her only child.

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