I know that caregiving has no holidays, no time outs. But, remember Jesus was born and he paid for all our sins. Just remember while you are caregiving and going through some the very worst moments you thought you would never have to go through, Jesus gives you the strength to go through it. Meaning, don't give up, it won't last forever. Just do the best you can, and ask Him to do the rest. Merry Christmas! Take some time out, even if it is in the rest room or in the hospital room, and thank Him for saving you and never leaving you alone.
You are never alone in any cirumstance, He is right there!

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Doesn't it feel wonderful when we get to the other side when all goes well? I promised myself I was going to relax and enjoy the evening when all the festivities were over. I did, in a way -- I fell asleep on the couch. Very refreshing.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Sometimes the worst we expect doesn't happen, and it is all good.

Merry Christmas to you!! Blessings to all caregivers!

Merry Christmas to you too, Fanci. Thanks for the reminder that we are never alone.

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