Finally some help and recognition for the importance of the caregiving role is coming from Medicare. I was one of a few individuals invited to talk, by phone, with the head of CMA (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) before the launch of their new site, yesterday.

Mr. Kerry Weems, acting Administrator, and his wife, have been (are) caregivers, so he relates to our situation. He and his staff have been working for a year to get this site going. There's a newsletter (free) you can sign up for. I believe that doesn't start coming until November, but you can still sign up now.

This site should be very useful when it comes to answering your Medicare questions. It's a government site, which is good and not so good. We know the information is right. We can hope for help. Whether it's easy to use - well, time and frequent visits will tell. However, it looks very promising.

Please check out and put it on your favorites list, as when you need it most, you may have forgotten about it (I know – I've done it).


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