I was watching the R convention last night, listening to VP candidate's speak and I'm sure I heard him say Medicare was there for my grandma when we needed it. In other statements he made he referred to helping or observing his mother help his grandmother with Alzheimer's. I assume he is talking about the same grandmother. So my question/discussion is: I thought Medicare did not provide any special benefits under Medicare to Alzheimer's patients, like day care, home care just like there are no auxh benefits to non Alz seniors under Medicare . He mentioned being 16 at the time so I'm assuming this was around 1986. So is he just trying to confuse us to suggest their are special Medicare benefits for Alz recipients that the D's will cut or are there such benefits that maybe many aren't aware of, including those that existed back in 1986. Many people are confused enough thinking Medicare will pay for nursing home care. we don't need more confusion just to sway political votes.
And maybe a futre topic should be, what has Ryan done to increase or create benefits under Medicare for Alz patients during all his elected years, since he saw first hand how this horrible disease affects those afflicted and their families?

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I HATE that health care is a political issue! We have the brainpower in this country to solve the perlexing issues of free market competition, for-profit motives, excessive administrative costs, etc. etc. -- but only if it doesn't matter who gets the credit. Democrats or Republicans didn't get us to the moon. If we set a goal and put our best minds on it, we could get the job done.

I HATE that this is treated as a way to get votes, with all the sneaky double-speak and misleading statements that go with that.

Medicare, by the way, covers the same things for persons with dementia as it does for everyone else. If your grampa who has Alzheimer's needs a few weeks of physical therapy, Medicare will cover it. If he needs a day program of in-home care, forget about it.

And from my understanding, many Alz sufferers get benefits under Medicaid, a program that is going to suffer and is starting to suffer now as R governors of many states are making cuts to Medicaid.

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