My father has been dealing with prostate cancer for a couple of years now and is about to begin treatment. Does anybody have any information or personal testimonials about how marijuana has helped you or your loved ones in their battle with cancer or other illnesses? Any information would be much appreciated. I have read many articles suggesting highly concentrated cannabis oil can be effective not only in treatment of symptoms but also in the actual treatment of the cancer itself. Does anybody know if there is any science behind this? I am very familiar with the high and physical effects of cannabis but I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy in eliminating the cancer cells themselves. Any help or personal testimonials is much appreciated.

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Cannabis THC relieves pain and nausea during chemo treatments. The other ingredient Cannabidiol does not produce a high but will help with seizures and tremors. But curing cancer? It did not cure my daughter's brain cancer or her leukemia.

I have a relative who suffered very severe Parkinsons in his later years, along with many other health issues. He found a doctor who was willing to issue him a Medical Marijuana card (it's legal in our state, but still very sticky with local authorities causing problems with the growers and distributors). Another family member grew and processed it for him to obtain the oil needed to help him. I literally watched him use the oil one day when visiting, and he went from uncontrollable tremors that caused his head to shake, his hands to shake, and caused him to be unable to walk, because it made him so unstable that he'd fall - to being completely still - no tremors, no shakes, and he got up and walked across the room and back without a walker or cane and had a steady, smooth gait. It was pretty incredible to watch. Within 5 minutes of using the oil, the tremors were gone. He also had increased appetite and was able to eat small meals - otherwise, he was only drinking a protein shake now and then, and was wasting away. At the very least, it made the last several months of his life more comfortable and gave him back some of the dignity he'd lost due to the severity of the Parkinson's symptoms.

The one thing that was a problem was the stigma that elderly people think comes with using marijuana. Even if it's prescribed by a doctor, they hold onto that old stereotype that this will make people think they are a "druggie" or a "junkie", when that's the farthest thing from the truth. It's just hard for them to get that stereotype out of their head.

Medical marijuana may be useful to relive pain and to increase appetite, but no one reputable is claiming it can fight cancer, which is why you aren't finding any articles saying that. And BTW, the medicinal part of MM is most often found in the cannabinoids , not the high producing THC.

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