Anyone in a similar situation? Curious to hear about experience...

My mom is in a nursing home and upon admittance, she became Medi-Cal pending. Because I live in a different state county (same state, different county), the elder law firm I hired is local to me and had Mom registered w/ Medi-Cal in my county. (Approval rate is faster and Medi-cal is a state program anyway.)

Nursing home tells me that they can't begin billing to Medi-Cal until Mom's account is within the county she lives in.

Medi-Cal worker tells my law firm "No. Nursing home CAN start billing us as soon as Mom is approved."

Law firm insists nursing home is in the wrong here and sounds like they're pressuring me to private pay while mom is Medi-Cal pending. I'm being told not to worry. Have the nursing home speak to lawyers. It's such a stress being in the middle of my parent's finances and health care and having a bill for several thousand dollars hanging over your head.

Anyone have a experience like this? Just curious to hear about stories and similar tales out there and it how worked out for you.

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Could you get a letter from Medi Cal on "county does not matter" & then you certified mail to NH.

? for you? Could NH be referring to moms monthly income $; while the atty (& you) are referring to $ to be paid by medicaid once she fully eligible & out of "pending" status. It's different $.
Is mom paying the NH her SOC (share of cost) every month? Her SOC is all monthly income she receives -like her SS, pension, annuity, etc - & it has to be paid each mo to NH less a very small personal needs allowance. Could this be the issue??

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