My husband (both 71) continues to improve. I have been very worried because he was getting skinny and weak, losing appetite,etc. And insomnia! He could not get to sleep till dawn, then sleepy and napping all day. Two VA pyschiatrists had no answer except more sleep drugs. One looked at his medication list and told him to move a Buproprion from evening to morning, as it might have been keeping him awake for the hours after taking it.

He moved it, but that didn't help. So she gave up and ordered a sleep study, more CPAP, etc (which hasn't happened yet).

But it got me thnking. Why COULD he sleep mornings, five hours after bedtime? What had happened five hours before he could sleep?

A neighbor who does our grocery shopping had been talking about how much Pepsi H drank -- almost a 12-pack per day!

"Nah, he's always done that, caffeine doesn't affect him."

"Wouldn't hurt to try."

"He'd get mad, he'd tell me not to meddle."

But I tried. I pointed out to him the timing and asked him to try laying off the caffeine five hours BEFORE bedtime. "Drink all you want, but do it during daylight!"

He did and it worked! Almost a month straight no insomnia!

So I'm thinking I should meddle more often, instead of leaving everything up to the experts.

Hope everyone here is well. Hugs to JInx and Veronica and Carol!!!

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My husband had a bad flare of ulcerative colitis. They had him on all sorts of drugs, including pred. I found this study from Israel about probiotics, whipped out the yogurt maker ( yes, I grew up in the 70's) and he ate a very easy to digest diet with tons of fresh yogurt for a few months. Doc was surprised to say the least by the healing and the odd cure.

Wow amazing how we can work things out and these docs just go down the meds route? I bet they will not be happy you sussed it out!

Mums doc told me for years mums depressed i argued to the point of taking his licence if he didnt do something and fast he suggested go private so i did best 500 dollars ive spent he did a brain scan asap and yes mum had dementia her doc gets very nervous now when i visit!!

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