Me time.


As a caregiver who splits the care with my mom, I'm having trouble with becoming frustrated. I don't want to burn out. I know some of what I'm feeling comes from her and the fact she gets frustrated but I need to find an outlet. What do you guys all do for down time (if you ever get any) to keep from getting burnt out? Is there something special that helps?

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I am not Mother's caregiver and she is in a NH, but crocheting helps.

for me is one thing "normal time" or as close as I can get...baking with friends (yes I'm still in the house still with dad but it helps" and honestly with him having a bit of a recovery although short term I'm working again....most of my "normal time" is at home as I do need to be there with him but coffee with a friend, choir practice, baking anything that distracts me slightly seems to work well...and all that comes down to AMAZING friends.

littlemisskitty, I find that lots of little things help me. I get up a little early to have some coffee and time to myself before the day of caring for my bedridden Mom begins. Sometimes I read, though some books seem to hold my attention better than others, I check the news to keep a bit informed about what is going on in the World out there, though sometimes I feel like I am on Mars looking down at Earth. I enjoy decorating magazines too.Taking walks when weather allows helps, though I have to force myself to go but always feel better after I do. Anything you might enjoy that you can fit in here and there helps, even looking at some artwork that you like or listening to relaxing music for even a little moment helps.