I guess you could say after two years of being confined at home most of the time caring for Mom could result in a form of depression. Trying to console myself and having had excellent credit has made me "overshop" to console myself. I applied at the bank for a home equity loan to consolidate all my cards into one payment, but it was denied because you practically needed to have as much in the bank as you were asking for a loan! I need to get a job and go to work, but that is impossible. We have my husband's income, which is "iffy" with the coal mines shutting down everywhere. I am supposed to start working for an agency that takes care of the elderly and have went for CPR, first aid and fingerprinting, but the hiring is on "freeze" right and probably will be until after the election. The lady at the bank suggested Cambridge Credit Counseling as being one of the only safe ones to deal with. My husband is going to be very disappointed in me for the mistake I have made. I have prayed so hard for the good Lord to help me find a way to get this debt taken care of and in no way filing for bankruptcy. Dealing with what I do, day in and day out 24/7 and this debt hanging over my head is just about to do me in. I am a very strong person, but can only handle so much and my stress level is totally out of hand! Advice and prayers will greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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I do that too! I guess to comfort myself from being so isolated. I go in spells where I won't shop for months, then start feeling bad about my situation and being aprisoner in my own home
The UPS guy and me are really good friends. I apologize, but he knows the situation and says it's his "job security".
I'm one of amazon's best customers. I watch Dr Oz and order all these supplements.

Hi, I know how isolated you might feel... as I have. From reading your posting I think you have a good mind and it's just not engaged in anything interesting enough.... so you shopped. One of the things that helped my mind, which used to shop on line, is to read. I have a huge relationship with my local library. I belong to two book clubs at the local library and also a third at the neighboring town library. The libraries are great at getting the latest books for me. Also, if you can't attend the discussion (which I typically don't attend) there is a book club on line associated with the NY Times. They did Nora Ephron last month, but I also didn't call into that. Just thinking that you might need to entertain your mind and instead of shopping, you could get into some amazing books, and libraries are free, right? I also took some excel classes for $5 each. Then I set up a budget. Made spread sheets for myself and my mom. Frankly it was pretty shocking to see what I spent and where. If you haven't done that yet, it might help your husband to understand that you are trying to turn over a new leaf and become the CEO of your own life. Best wishes to you for great success in building a future. If you stress, make a list of the good things you can do and start working your way through the list one little thing at a time. At the end of time you will have a huge pile of good things done!

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