I found this video from the in5D web page and have done extensive digging myself in the subject of the video and have found what is being said to be true!
Please at lease watch the video and CONSIDER what they are saying!

This is a video that I consider truth as I myself have dug into this info! All I ask is that you listen and consider and STAY AWAY FROM STATINS!


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cwillie, I hear in Europe they have to prove the product is safe before it reaches the public. In America, they are allowed to put drugs/products out there and isn't recalled until the deaths mount up or negative side effects run rampant.
I believe social media is changing the way companies operate; for the better. It was social media, not Congress that highlighted the greed of EpiPen.
To answer your rhetorical question, I am against dying young. Hopefully through whole foods diet we can live long and avoid negative side effects.

So is it better to die younger of heart disease/stroke or live with the possibility of side effects, some of which may not show up for 20 or more years?
I guess you have to weigh the alternatives when you are prescribed any medication. My mom was never given statins despite having arteriosclerosis and a coronary bi pass, then multiple TIAs over the next 20 years. When she was finally aggressively treated, including being given statins, a comparison carotid ultrasound proved a dramatic shrinkage of her arterial plaques. I was rather p%#$$ed at the time because the damage was already done, she had suffered at least one small stroke and has since developed vascular dementia from all those TIAs.

Allergic to statins, mother used Welchol.

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