It's non stop about the food alone for hours. Is this normal? She's 70 not 90. Everything is my mother, I miss my mom. I know, but she was 90. She should have lived till 100. Other people live till 100. Everything I say gets shot down and stomped on. She said she hated the flowers, but I caught her smelling them and smiling. I think she knows she's being really negative.

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I would have her tested for a UTI but she just may be going into the next stage of her Dementia. Call her doctor and see if there is a medication that will help.

lemonsquish, time for Mary to be tested for an Urinary Tract Infection. Any out of the blue changes in personality can show up as a symptom with this infection. Mary's primary doctor or even urgent care can conduct the test. Even the assisted living depending if they have a lab on site.

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