She remembers me and some past but WORSHIPS my brother and all that they (he and his wife), do ...

I cook
I clean
I feel alone
I have nothing to feel good about
Good days
Bad days
But all someone else's days
Life feels over ? DONE
But there should've been more.

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Thank you for all the response ...
Mom is 81 years old we live in the same house together- my husband, myself andMom... my brother and his wife live in the same town , small town- but only VISITS on random occasions.
Mom has good days and bad ones . . My good ones are the days that I get up and make the decision to be brave and overcome as many obstacles as I can... it's sometimes easier to just throw my hands in the air and give up.
Mom's good days are when I provide care and entertainment nonstop. ..
I will document more later. .. now I am being summoned.

It can be enough to drive us crazy at times. I have days that I feel absolutely desperate and totally unappreciated. If you'll read through many of the messages on the group, you'll discover you're not alone at all. There is a huge crowd of us that wonder how in the world it ever got this way. Welcome and big hugs to you, Nonnineedshelp.

Same here! I'm NOT the favorite child but I'm the one doing it ALL!. I feel your pain! Hang in there, I believe we"re doing the right thing caring for our parents. Got myself a beautiful flowering shrub today, Made the hubby dig a hole, planted, then sat back and watched the butterflies.

There should be more. And there can be more.

Tell us about your mother. What are her impairments? How old is she?

Tell us about your situation. Do you live with her? How long have you been taking care of her?

Many caregivers have times when life feels over. Hang in there! Give us more information so we can chat with you.

This discussion has been closed for comment. Start a New Discussion.
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