My mom moved in with me 3.5 years ago and since then most of my time has been spent going to work then coming home and doing everything to take care of the house and help her with her needs. I admit it was a difficult transition. I've developed some bad habits (probably related to a little depression) but I've decided recently to make the most of my current circumstances.
Today I made a list of 40+ recipes that I would like to learn how to make. These consist of ones that I have never made before, or ones that I'd like to make from scratch, or healthier. I set a goal of making one new recipe every 1-2 weeks. If I do, I'll have learned at least 20+ new recipes by the end of the year.
I also plan to watch a little less TV and perhaps try to do some 15 minute work out videos in that time instead.
What are other things we can do, plan to learn, or improve upon while we are caregiving?

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It’s wonderful if you have the spare time while caregiving to do these things. Not everyone can if their parents need more attention. I would try to do activities I enjoyed and inevitably would be interrupted. It certainly would have been nice.

Do you like any crafts? I love to make jewelry. Take a glance at Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration. If you want to take online courses but a bit skeptical, then just check out books from the library on the topic you are interested in or buy the books for yourself to read about whatever subjects you like.

Do you like to garden? Since you enjoy cooking then maybe you might enjoy growing fresh herbs or vegetables.

I love to cook too. Sounds like you are going to be an incredible chef by the end of the year. Share some of your recipes with us.

Does your mom do any crafts, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, etc that you would like to learn and do with her.

Do you like art? Painting or drawing. Or working with clay. There are juried art shows in my area and I adore attending them to see the various forms of art. The clay pieces are phenomenal. This woman that I always go see her products for sale always has clay in her hands sculpting away a new piece. It’s so fun watching her work.

You sound delightful and upbeat. I hope you will always have joy in your heart. What a blessing that is.

Good for you! I admire your proactive approach. I’ve had these thoughts myself, to make the best of this time instead of being depressed about the circumstances. I haven’t been completely successful but have started reading more and hope to start a regimen of daily walking. I am tempted to take an online class but I’m afraid of making that kind of commitment since my days with dad can be unpredictable. But you’ve inspired me...I may do it after all!

I was probably in the best physical shape I had been in for years while I was actively caregiving - I ran to burn off stress (okay I learned to run, it wasn't easy) and I started lifting weights so that I had the strength to help with transfers and to haul my mom off the floor when she fell.

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