my mother 73 has tried acupuncher in arkinsa she seems betterer after treatments. she can type and with a special program that reads to her she can check email etc. the best activity is gardening although she cant see green on green but i can so we have fun in the garden together. with lighthouse for the blind also they stuff for her just ask.

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That is new, I never heard about acupuncture for macular degeneration. That's great that it did help your Mom.

My Mom had that eye condition for the last 15 years of her life, she hated it, but she did learn to cope and still was able to do things around their home with Dad helping where he could.... but Mom wasn't happy if Dad moved something, as Mom had her routine and everything had to be in its place for her to find it.

My dad has macular degeneration. He cant drive anymore. He feels angry. Ive moved to be closer to him. Now hes having serious problems with very low platelets. Needs a colonoscopy but they cant do it due to low platelets. Hes constanly yelling at me and takes his anger out on me. It hurts as im the only one looking after him. Im hoping ti find a support group because I leave in tears over his hurtful words.

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