I have seen elderly people trying to sit up in the chair and tip over. I have looked for solutions but found none. I made a support for my mom and it works really well so I thought I would share it with you all.

I got at Walmart a Morning Glory Foam Craft Cushion 16x16x1 (pk of 4) $ 6.97. I folded each in half. I sewed a pair of pillow cases 20 x 12. Then measured how wide she sits. I sewed a piece of fabric that width to the bottom of each pillow case. Insert 2 of the folded cushions, side by side, folded side up, into a plastic bag to help them slide into the pillow case, then stitch the cases shut. Lay the flat sides down in the chair for her to sit on and the 2 upright cushions for an arm rest on each side of her to hold her snuggly in her chair so she won't wilt over so much. If you need taller arm rests, just use a taller cushion. If the chair is still too wide, you can make the arm rests wider. This is so simple and inexpensive. I hope lots of you can enjoy this.

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