My 84 yrs old. father truely believes those lottery in the mail are REAL. He blows he all of his SS check on these scams. We had to close 3 checking accounts because of being overdrawn $3000's dollars or depositing fake checks. Month after month he spends everything. UP postal says I have to send them every single address, than they can verify, if it's a scam. These come 25-50 a day. Postal says: must have declared statement from person's doctor to declare incompetence, to re-route mail or stop completely. We gave him a saving account and limits his spending, but he goes to the bank and empties it to play the scams.
Any suggestion, please help.
Crazy in La Mirada

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Those lottery mailings are real alright, but just to scam you out of your money. What I would do is pick up his mail and sort through it and have all of the lottery mail either forward it to your house so you can toss them, or mark them return to sender.

My mother has done the same thing .....over and over again.
She calls on friends from church and she ask them for loans.
She will not listen to me and I am her only caregiver.
I can understand where you are coming from....
I have recently rented a PO Box and I have had her mailed changed to this address. I throw away the junk and I bring her the remaining mail.
Maybe this will help you.
You are not alone.... We will pray for each other.

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