I live with and care for my 89 year old mother with Alzheimer's. As many of you know, it is incredibly stressful and exhausting. My girlfriend, who is the love of my life, has been a saint, and really worked hard to help me during this difficult time. But she has finally given up and left me. I am not angry at her. I understand the enormous strain it put on our relationship. But I can not abandon my mother as long as I can continue to sufficiently care for her. This situation truly is the most difficult of my life. There is no justice in the world.

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I am sorry Dunwoody. In some ways I do feel a little envious of her ability to just walk away. The UPS man was making a delivery today and commented how relieved he was that after Monday his life will get back to normal.

I came in and shared the comment with my husband who responded, "Really, he's getting back to normal on Tuesday? -Same reaction I had.

Some of us would give everything to get back to normal. I don't even remember what normal felt like, it must have been really nice. Our family's lack of normal started long before becoming responsible for my ILs this year.

Any chance of reconciliation, Dunwoody? Losing the love of your life is not something you want to do. If there is any way to reconcile, it would be wonderful. My first impulse is to say do whatever you can to get your lady back, but I know you have to do what is in your own heart. Keeping up relationships is hard when we're caring for someone with dementia. Talk about baggage.

My heart goes out to you. Life is not fair.

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