I have been the full-time caregiver for my mom for 3 years as she has early onset Alzheimer's. I have one sibling, and let's say she is very difficult. I got power of attorney for my mom about two years ago and there has never been any issues. My mom is very capable of making her own decisions with direction. She came to live with me to make things easier on her. When she came to live with me it was our agreement that she would assist me with various things such as groceries, utilities, etc. sense than our original plan was to have her stay between me and my sister. My sister is a hothead and very disrespectful to say the least so that arrangement did not last long. After the first several months she want to stay with my sister and my sister decided after a weeks stay that she would redo her attic into a room, living space for my mother. There was already a spare bedroom for her. The room cost my mother over $5000.of course I was upset as it was never cleared through me. There was an argument between my mother and my sister and my mother wound up on my doorstep because " she is such a bitch" as my sister says. That is when I obtained power of attorney. I did not know my sister had put her name on my mother's bank accounts and she withdrew the remaining $4000 my mother had in her account. My mom expressed that she did not want to live with my sister any longer as she didn't like the way she was being treated by my sister and her hothead husband. So needless to say my mother lives with me full-time. Since then my sister and her family moved several states away therefore unable to see my mother on a regular basis. I encourage my sister and my nephew to come see my mother but she always has an mother even offered to purchase airline tickets for them but she has not come to visit. I am a single mom of four kids and last summer took my mother 800+ miles away and stayed one month so she could spend time with my sister and her family. Last month my mother went to visit my sister in New York and was escorted by my daughter as not to travel alone. From day one this was just to be a month or two visit. My sister and her narcissistic tendencies decided to gain control and Have my power of attorney revoked and is now accusing me of fraud and is demanding some of my mother's belongings including a small car she gave to my teen daughters. She states that my mother should not have to help support the home and I should do her care out of the goodness of my heart. None of my mother's money was ever spent without her consent or knowledge or need. My mother is very capable of making decisions and I know she is upset with what is going on and is feeling intimidated. For two weeks before she left she cried every day because she didn't know what to expect when she went to my sisters. She kept telling everyone this is my home and this is where I want to stay but she wanted to visit my 10-year-old nephew who she missed dearly. I was trying to do the right thing and facilitate a relationship with my mom and my sisters family. But now I am at a loss I don't know why my sister is capable of. She will not allow me to talk privately to my mother to see what her true wishes are. Every time I call there is an excuse as to why my mother can't come to the phone. She withdrew over $5000 from my mother's account and opened another one. It is obvious that my mother will not be coming home. What should I do? My sister always makes things more than what they are, it is just in her character and therefore I don't know what she is scheming. As a single mom I don't have the resources to hire a lawyer but I know in my heart of hearts my mom belongs home with me. My mother has helped my sister and I in the past before her diagnosis. My sister is now accusing me of fraudulent usage of my mother's money. Again I don't know what she's capable of. What recourse do I have to get my mother back home as this has been her home for three years. I am concerned for her well-being as there has been issues in the past with my sister and her husband being demeaning and verbally abusive to my mother. Help! This is such a heartbreak!

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Did you change your mother's address to yours while she was living with you? If so, check with local law enforcement to confirm that such a change means your mother's permanent home is with you. Then ask how you can bring your mother back to her permanent home. There might even be a criminal charge such as kidnapping or custodial interference (generally applies to children though) that can be leveled against your sister.

Also contact APS here and in the area of your sister's home to see if they'll become involved. From what you write, your mother is being financially abused. Provide documentation to support your position. If APS sees withdrawal documentation it might be stronger evidence for them to become involved.

Spend some time reformatting your post, providing dates, times, specific names, documentation on withdrawals and all the documentation the police and APS would need to become involved. Then take action.

If you can get your mother back and she still wants contact with your nephew, do it either by old fashioned letter writing, phone calls, or go with Skyping.

So, go get your mom. If mom is still competent, she can sign a new POS. If mom is not competent, the the POA she signed for your sister is most likely invalid.

Having poa doesn't mean you get to say where a person lives.

If your mother is going to pay rent to you, you need to have a legal agreement drawn up, otherwise those monies will count as gifts if she ever has to apply for Medicaid.

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