Loss of a furry caregiver who cannot be replaced...


My furry caregiver passed away three days ago and I feel she was the last straw holding me together. Daisy was such a tiny delicate kitty, but she steadily stood by me in times friends and family could not or did not want to deal with. Does anyone else feel like they help us so much on this road?

I posted about this two days ago, but not sure if it was deleted or if it is just that this new website makes it difficult to locate your own posts or search in order of date. Anyway, my apologies if repetitive but I thought it was worth trying again. Those with animal companions will understand.

Upon my husband’s diagnosis Daisy did not panic or treat him or I any differently. She stayed up with me through all the nights I could not sleep. She greeted us at the door when we came home after his surgeries and treatments. She gave us a sense of normalcy. She sat on my husband’s lap when he came home and eased his mind with her gentle purrs. She did not turn away from us even when circumstances made us feel isolated.

My mother has dementia, but my husband was the one with the illness in my household. Life became very complicated a couple years ago as I became a caregiver to both my mom and husband. I realized how important it is for the caregiver to have support and compassion since we go through our own difficult journey that often gets overlooked. To those with furry caregivers please give them a little bit of love today, extra treat, and most of all enjoy your time with them. I guess I didn’t have a question, but wanted to honor her darling soul and anyone else’s fur baby too.

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Hi, Ginger. I'm so sorry you lost your fur baby, your companion through it all. I'm going to put a link here to a thread where some other users on the site talk about our pets, and if you want to go there to talk more about Daisy, you'd be most welcome.

You can just keep posting comments in this Discussion thread you've started, too. I thought I'd extend an invitation to the "Cats Behaving Badly" thread, though, because it's an ongoing thread where many caregivers chat about our current and previous pet's antics and issues.


Hi GingerMay,
Please accept our condolences on the loss of your loyal companion, Daisy.
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