Currently we live in Waltham in a very nice 2 bedroom apartment.

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Between your profile and what you are asking its very confusing. Are you the mother or the daughter. And who has a husband the mother or the daughter.

Ruth, after reading your profile, honestly, I don't think any senior facility will say you are ready for Assisted Living. Plus Assisted Living studio apartment is smaller than a college dorm room, thus no room for two beds.

You could look into Independent Living in a senior facility where you can have a 2 bedroom apartment. It all depends on the facility if your daughter will be allowed to live there if she is working full-time. She would need to pay for a second person or room-mate fee, as the facility usually has housekeeping, linen service, and one meal in the main dining room.

One would need to budget for the cost which varies from area to area. My Dad's Independent Living 2-bedroom [one bedroom was his home office] was costing him $5k per month. He got a discount because it was between Christmas and New Years when the apartment renting is slow. Sorry, I remember what would be the room-mate fee.

Curious why you feel at your young age of 75 that you need Assisted Living?

TMI on profile, can someone help her remove it.

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