My mother was diagnosed with AD back when little was known about this disease. Although she has passed on now, I find it helpful to share my experience in this forum with those who are just beginning "the long good-by" Reading some of the sad, happy, and sometimes humorous stories shared by you has helped me heal. Would you all be willing to share more stories either in this discussion or in a separate forum on this site? I am looking for those everyday events and activities that helped you cope or even gave you some comic relief.

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Video and photography have helped me cope. Mom has recently gone into the whacked out combative stage for some part of the day, so my time for video editing has been short. See my videos at the AlzheimersCaregiver channel on youtube. I will probably still film her, even her episodes, and decide what to do with it all later. Was able to stage a Christmas photo yesterday, and even included the respite caregiver in a photo.

I think you will find a great deal of what you are after if you keep reading. There's a wealth of sharing on this site. I'll shamelessly plug my own book here, if it's caregiving stories you are after, as there are 26 first-person stories there, though not all include Alzheimer's. It's called Minding Our Elders and can be found on Amazon.

I have always loved reading and listening to stories. It's a great way to learn. If you go to the thread on this site where people are counting their blessings you will get some chuckles as well as some mental hugs. Keep reading and chatting on this forum and you'll find satisfaction. Welcome to our "club."

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