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Your profile is confusing.

In the Caring section, you say "you" are caring for an 89 yr old.

In the About me section, you "are" the 89 yr old.

So which is it? 😊

Wow! If I had that many rooms to myself, I'd feel pretty alone.

As a long term solution, is it possible to downsize? And move to a community?

If you don't want to move, how about rent out some of the unused rooms to single people or college kids?

Or turn some of the rooms into airbnb rooms for vacation rentals.

You make some money, create yourself a job, and have human company at the same time.

VMonti, oh I know how you feel. I was away from my professional life for one year and after a few months I was not a happy camper. Being I wasn't the Martha Stewart type, I was totally lost.

One day out of the blue an old colleague gave me a call saying he is looking for someone to do part-time work for him. The office is less than a mile from home, the pay is good, and we get along great. Now here I am in my early 70's and have a reason to get up in the morning.

If finding part-time work isn't something you want to do, how about volunteer work? I do volunteer work Saturday mornings at the information desk at the local regional hospital, and my desk mate and I have been working together for 7 years, sharing elderly parents cares and woos. Volunteering is a feel good job :)

Smart cats are fun, but there are days I am glad to get away from him :P

Yes cats are great! But humans have their benefits too...sometimes! Ha. You don’t say how your health is, but have you investiged an Independent Living apartment in your area? My mom downsized from her house to a lovely 1 bedroom apartment in an Independent Living building with a lot of her furniture. It had a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and huge bath. Activities all day long, she could have her car, but there was a van for outings, and 3 meals a day were served off a menu. She lived there happy as a clam for 6 years but some residents were there much longer. It was a precursor to moving to Assisted Living for some residents, although some just preferred to stay right there and hire private care givers if they needed more help.

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