Husband has Alzheimer's.

You are what is considered a “community spouse” and the rules for CS situations are very different than for an individual widow or widower LTC Medicaid. You are NOT expected to impoverish yourself. You are allowed to have your own assets, this varies by state. Most at at 120k for maximum in CS exempt assets, excluding a home and a car.

I’m guessing that if your just having only SS for $, there’s no real savings, investments, etc. You all are just making ends meet. If this is the situation, you have got to get the maximum CSRA or MMNA.
Community spouse resource allowance
Monthly maintenance needs allowance or assessment
what it’s called & run depends on your states Medicaid mgmt.

Think of it as kinda like alimony for you, the CS.

Hubs once in a NH on Medicaid will be required under Medicaid rules to have all his monthly income be paid to the NH as the required copay of SOC (share of cost). All he gets is a smallish personal needs allowance, maybe $50-60 a mo. What the CSRA / MMNA does is waive his copay to instead go to you so you have funds to continue to live in the community in addition to whatever you own monthly income is. You want to get the maximum you can. You may need an elder law atty to get this done. If you have a mortgage, or your own medical costs, these are used to show your need for the max CSRA.

there have been family of a CS who have posted where their mom had almost all of the NH dads copay to the NH was $50. Their mom got basically all his monthly income waived over to her, as she had RX expenses and an old HELOC to pay.

also remember for Medicaid it’s 1 auto only that’s exempt.
If your like most couples, you have two.
Think it over, if it’s best to sell both and get a newer & more dependable car. Or just sell the crappier one at Fair Market Value. No gifting of the 2nd car to one of your kids or grandkids. They have to buy it at FMV Blue Book value unless you can have some sort of verification it’s worth less. Like it was in an accident, or flat doesn’t run.... get a mechanic or used car dealer to give you a value on it.

Also if your like most couples, you have it so that your each other’s beneficiary for life insurance. Bad idea once he’s on Medicaid. If you get hit by a bus, & he’s your beneficiary, that $ makes him ineligible for Medicaid. & whose there to deal with this for him??? Atty will have suggestions as to how to deal with life insurance without affecting his Medicaid should you predecease him.

Its good you are starting to think think about this now and before an incident happens.

The only way u can go is Medicaid and placing him in a home. You will not be made impoverished.

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