Someone was commenting on the format changes on the website. There is no longer a link to "See more questions and discussions", as someone noticed.

You can get there by clicking on Caregiver Forum on the blue bar. The first tab on the list is Questions and Discussions.

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Jinx, I didn't even know that there were other ways of finding those questions/discussions. I've been doing it the way you mentioned above. It just gets so tiring to keep scrolling down and down when you're trying to find a specific title. Then if it's not under Question, then you do more scrolling on the Discussions. Using the Search engine here - same thing - a lot of scrolling.

I'm thinking of going back to my original note-taking when I first found this site. Then, when I need to see the latest updates on "You know you're a caregiver..." or other discussions, I just copy/paste from my notes to here on AC. It's just that the Question/Discussion lists or News Feed gets too lengthy... I'm Not complaining, just saying that I need to go back to my note-taking for a quicker way of finding specific discussions/threads that I'd like to find right away (to see what's happening with the posters.)

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