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My mom is 96 and has dementia. She has only $1100 from SS. We are moving to Fl in 2 weeks. Does Fl look back for 5 years on bans accounts, or there Medicaid waivers, if so what are they? I need to get her to to home before my heart attack happens again. Please help!


You call the local Area Agency on Aging for help.

All States have a Medicaid lookback of 5 years, from what I've read. Has your mom gifted monies to others during that time frame?

The problem u may have is living there long enough to get residency.
Where are you now? Some states have agreements to accept transfer of another state program so qualification is immediate.
It is called reciprocity, I knew I would remember the word as soon as I ordered girl scout goodies! LOL!
There's something known as "presumptive eligibility" for Medicaid, too. I don't know the details, sorry.

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