What do you like to do on your respite days?

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I am fortunate to get a 6 hour block of respite time every week, but I have fallen into a habit of spending my time driving 45 minutes to the nearest city to shopping for groceries and drugstore supplies for mom, then indulging in a fast food lunch before driving home again. I can't meet with friends since this is during time when they are all at work. What can I do to fill this time when I am usually alone?


I did the same thing attended elderly planning shows, shopped, still doing for mom even educating myself about dementia! It is our lives, we eat, drink and breathe it. Once I went to a movie. What movie? Still Alice! LOL! I got to the point that I would go to a park, read, a friend's vacant house, nap, just spend time by myself to regroup for the coming week

Wouldn't you be able to meet a friend even for lunch, or coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Panera was my favorite!
Oh the plans I had..!

I slept, mainly.
Respite time -- I go for a hike or to the gym or to hunt down hapless victims to talk to.
My respite time from caring for my husband is running errands and visiting my Mom in AL who also has dementia. Sometimes I have time to do lunch with friends or just go to the park and walk or read. Nice to just get out of the house even if you know what is waiting for you when you return.
I get all day Friday. 8 am to 4 pm.

I go work on the RV. It's been too cold to really get much done...but I have it gutted finally! The rebuild starts this week! Meanwhile, I actually pour through the RV parts catalog like it was a wish book!

Well...it's keeping me sane, what can I say.
JessieBelle, you made me laugh! Hapless victims - LOL We do go a little stir crazy at times, don't we?
I hit the gym or long distance walk. If I don't exercise I feel as if I'll lose my mind. This time for me is my saving grace. I am fortunate to have my husband to be with mom so I don't have to think of anything but what I am doing.
Hmm, so far we've got shopping, sleeping, exercise and forcing conversation on to innocent bystanders. Aren't we an exciting bunch? LOL
I like the sound of Katiekate's days off, it must feel satisfying to actually accomplish something!
I used to go get my hair done once a month. Ive had my same hairdresser for year so I actually had adult conversations that didnt involve elderly people.
Our library has a lot of things going on, if anyone needs suggestions, check there. If you have the same time frame off weekly, sign up for a class through the adult educationprograms run by school districts (at least in my area).

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