Trying to get facility to move resident from independent living to Alzheimer's Care Unit.

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My mother has recently experienced a rapid & drastic declined in her cognitive abilities to care for herself. Living in a lifetime care facility which has independent living, assisted living, an Alzheimer's care unit & a skilled nursing unit, I've requested that she be moved to the Alzheimer's unit so that she will be provided 3 meals a day, that she has her meds as prescribed & that she has help with her daily hygiene. She needs to be check on throughout the day which is not happening in independent living & she needs more interaction & stimulation from others. I've been informed by the facility that there is a process and they started that process 3 weeks ago. 1st she was evaluated by a psych nurse who said she was making the recommendation that she be moved. Then 1 week later another nurse who I think is the charge nurse over the assisted living unit, came to do an assessment. She said she would have to take her assessment before the committee & would be back in touch with me. To date I've heard nothing. I'm so worried about my mother, I work a full time job and try to go see her every day but there are times when I can't. This is why I put my Mother in a lifetime care facility, knowing what was eventually coming down the pipe. A lot of money was given to the facility on the front end with monthly maintenance fees being paid since 2011. I feel that they are not carrying out their end of the deal. I was even told by one nurse that I might considered paying someone to sit & care for her around the clock! That's why I have her there, for them to care for her. I feel that they are neglecting their responsibility & beginning to wonder if this could be abuse & neglect on their part of my Mother. She resides at Kirby Pines Retirement Community in Memphis, TN. Don't know if I should have made that public but I think anyone considering a lifetime care facility in that area should know of the difficulty I'm having with them. If anyone out there can help me or has experienced a similar situation, please comment.

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