I just need to vent. I am so sick of the people in my life who keep telling me not worry so much!!! I am the only child of dad's that lives here. Although he goes out to eat every day and thus has a network of "friends" , I am the only one that is with him every day and can be there for him ASAP. (I live with him, work full time, and have a young child). Yes, I lose sleep listening to his sounds, worry when he doesnt look well, etc. When these people tell me not to worry, I ask them when their children were young and they came home and saw they had a cold, what did they do? Ignore it and hope someone else took care of it? Yep, jerks, someone has to take care of it and keep watch. Grrrrrrrr, they just dont get it!!! They can walk away from their parents because they "share" the load with other family that lives in town. My siblings are not in the position to give up the lives they have to help. None live closer than 4 hours away. 2 are more than 8 hours away. I not only worry about Dad's physical health, but I am his confidant. I listen to his worries and concerns. I listen to his thoughts about his end, how much he misses my mom and his other deceased love ones. I swear the next time someones suggests I lighten up they will get my boot up their behind. And by the way, these helpful people are also in no position to help me either, but they want me to worry less because they want more of my time for them. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Invite them over more often so they can watch you run back and forth. Or better yet, ask Dad's friends if he can spend a night at their place. If they ask why, tell them you're going insane and will be back soon.

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