My mom had her d&c on Friday the 1st and she did well. Came home rested all night and next night she was seeing those children again and awake all night. I placed her in a place at hospital called Life Transitions so that they can find out what is going on. They will watch her and evaluate her situation. I also made an appointment with a neurologist because my mom was told by her pcp that she had dementia not a neuro so I was thinking maybe it is Lewy Body Dementia and give me as much info as possible. So I have a Break for a few days to recover from my moms surgery too. I feel guilty to say that but I do feel soo Good. 24/7 care is hard for anyone because even though you arent with them 24/7 you worry about them like it is. I need to clear my brain for what lies ahead. I went to the movies and I didn't have to ask my children to watch their grama and it felt so wonderful. I think I am just burnt out. I worry about my mom to no end but I lost me along the way and this is a chance to get me back or at least put me on track. I did my own nails, dressed in pretty clothes, watched the sunset with my husband, my children saw me smile and even made me laugh again. Today was a Great Day. For past 3 weeks I agonized over this surgery and didn't see no kind of light but the sun does shine. Im seeing that now. Thank You ALL for ALL your prayers I LOVE ALL OF YOU... My heart is filled with love for All of you. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

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MMendez, I felt good just reading your message. I couldn't say it better than littletonway did, so I'll add a me, too.

Hopefully your Mom will get the correct diagnosis and the help you both need. Congrats on your Great Day. It is amazing how much of ourselves we lose when taking care of a LO.

Took me months to realize what was happening, even though we had help during the day and a weekend away every couple of months. It was the having to ask to leave my own home, letting everyone know where I was going and when I would be back and the neverending iffiness of being able to follow through with any plans we made. The constant worry about Mom and the up and down all night. The day to day sameness of each and every hour. It is a lifestyle no one understands until they experience it themselves.

Take care of yourself and relax. Get those batteries recharged. Hope your Mom is doing better when she gets home. Best wishes to you both.

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