Dear Mom,
I am burying this letter with you. You were born on 12/23/45……....and you passed on 06/03/16. You probably don’t even know you died. I know you are thinking “what happened”?! You battled COPD, severe and debilitating scoliosis, post-polio syndrome, depression, and anxiety. In the end, the COPD stopped your breathing…I am so sorry.
You were and still are my best friend, and mother. I am so glad to have been your daughter…to have the privilege of knowing and adoring you. I looked up to you and all of your accomplishments….all of your teaching degrees (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.). I am so absolutely proud of you.
I miss our times having lunch and laughing! It was so much fun to be silly with you! I miss your phone calls too. Your voice would always cheer me up! You mean everything to me…you are my angel, my “little lemon cake”. You loved when I would bring you lemon cake from Starbucks. I smile every time I see it there, in the window.
I wish that we could have had more time together…you were only 70 years old when God took you. It was apparently your time to go, and God had a plan for you. I wish you could have had a life of better health, but I am so thankful of the time we did get together. I miss you. I know you are out of pain, and in a better place. I picture you dancing ballet with God in the sky….without a wheelchair….without a care in the world.
You will be dearly missed, and I will think of you every day. I know I will see you again when God takes me. I cannot wait for the day we can dance together, in the sky.
I love you.

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What a gift you were to each other. :) Thanks for sharing your love for your mom.

What a beautiful letter....

JBell, what I beautiful letter to your mom. I am so, so sorry. She sounds like a wonderful lady and a great mom, and you must be a wonderful daughter.


Thank you for sharing this loving note to you mother, JulieBell.

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