I work for her three days a week so being here is part of my routine. She has an emergency necklace and they call me if there's an emergency. Where do i draw the line between codependency and being supportive?

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Why is your mom weak? Is this a temporary thing, like getting over the flu or some other recovery process, or is it more permanent? Reducing the cause of the falling seems like the best course of action. In-home physical therapy might be a good bet. Discuss it with her doctor.

Spending extra time with her while she is building up strength and then reducing it back to your routine when she is back to her old self makes sense to me. If the weakness is apt to be more permanent, though, then it might be time to ensure she has more care.

First of all, it might be wise to take Mom to her doctor for evaluation after two falls. Does she use a walker? The doc can recommend home health care providers. They will come out do an evaluations and advise what services she qualifies for....this could be a real help to you. Medicare takes care of all charges.

Other than the falls is she able to take care of herself on a daily basis without assistance? I do not understand the co-dependency issue versus being supportive, perhaps others will have thoughts about that.

Good luck!

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