I have been caring for my mom with AD and her husband of seven years (who has minor mobility issues) for two years. The past two days I have also been caring for two of my grandchildren while mom and dad get some much needed time away together. Talk about busy!

Mom has had two UTI's in the past three months which causes a significant amount of back pain so her doctor sent her for physical therapy which started today. Well, the kids of course went with us and had a great time at PT, then we had to go pick up paperwork on my mom's new hearing aids. After that, we drove by my oldest daughter's first public school so her kids could see where mommy went to school which was close to the hearing aid place. Then drove home to play in the sprinkler for a bit, it is 99 her today, quite hot for Colorado this time of year.

Came in the door to quite a ruckus in the kitchen, looked up and a squirrel had chewed through the screen, and was making quite a feast of the breakfast leftovers which I had not cleaned up before we left. It is enough of a challenge to get mom ready to go, but add to that grandbabies that are 3 and 5, well you get the picture.

Mom's husband had stayed home, and heard a crash in the kitchen. The squirrel had knocked a plate off the counter. He scared the squirrel, it started to take off downstairs but was told "STOP" while mom's husband opened a door and out it ran.

But, it had come back when I got home, probably the same squirrel through the same hole in the window screen. Mmmm, tasty goodies. It tried to jump out back out through the screen but was not able to find the hole. Jumped off the counter, I yell to the grandkids to open the door so it could get out. Of course they closed the door. It then ran for the back exterior door that of course wasn't open, turned around to try the first door again. Then as I opened the back door it did an abrupt U-turn in the living room and went out the back door I had just opened. It was quite funny, though was really afraid we now had a squirrel for an indoor pet.

So much of caring for an aging parent is stressful, it really helps to recognize the humor, even if it is additional stress to lighten an otherwise heavy load.

Please share your funny stories.

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