is her money, we are getting the options today from her lawyer, are going to give her the facts, then let her make her own decision, me and my husband dont want any part of the decision as its her money, she worked hard for it, and she should do what she wants to..............the problem is though that she always makes impulsive decisions, then regrets them later, but if I try to guide her in any direction, forget I will be held responsible for LIFE! I will never live it down!!!! SHe will blame and hate and scew things around to make everything in the whole worls my fault! right now I am trying to get her taxes done and its hard.................they (H+R BLOCK) want all kinds of info to itemize everything...............its a pain, GOd please pray for me as this seems to be the last major thing that needs to be done, if not could someone tell me whats coming next?

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