Hello I'm care giver to a lady with dementia She always is asking me repeats Do you need or want anything I feel like i cant be myself With out her asking me that My life has changed and my plans are not working out for me since i have move in with her And if frustrate me Because I hoping things would have gotten better And i don't if my pride Or being a caregiver i think how my life was Caregiver is stressful And need my time Will i know people with dementia repeat repeat How can i handle this Or not feel the way i do Like i not doing much with my life And how it has changed I know alot of it she doesn't understand And helping her But need how to handle this Thank you Carolyn

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Carolyn, sounds like private care isn't working out for you, and I don't blame you. From what I had read on these forums here, caring for someone with dementia is exhausting work, both physically and emotionally.

Do you think you would like to work at a nursing facility where you aren't with one patient all day? That might be something to look into. You might have to take some classes if you haven't already. Then that way at the end of your shift you can go home and rest.

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