My wife recently had a knee replacement and is still recovering with considerable pain. We have indoor cats and one in particular loves to jump in our laps, via our legs, curl up and nap. Our tom jumped up and landed squarely on her knee which sent her straight up in the air, voicing a few choice words, threatening several of his nine lives. The incident certainly made him exit for part unknown for several hours. It was not intentional, we know, but it made us consider a precaution to prevent it from happening again.
We have a fireplace in our living room. In front of the fireplace is a three section folding ember screen. The light bulb in my wife's head lit. The two folding sides fit down on both sides of her legs allowing the center section to cover and protect her upper legs from falling objects and pouncing paws. It also serves as a lap table. It works for us and I thought we would share. Hopefully it will help others as well.

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Another thought if you need more protection for her lower legs: those heavy pads that hockey players wear on their legs might work.

That's really a great idea.

Thinking of other adaptations, this kind of screen might be added to a walker, with padding inside to protect someone who might fall. One of the dangers of walkers is that they're completely open but have metallic cylinder type arms and legs, not good if someone fell on them.

I can envision all sorts of lovely "screen" adaptations, in various colors and designs.

Thanks for sharing your innovative solution.

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