Mom uses diapers and pads and I am in the process of looking for a metal or stainless steel trash can. ( She also has a dog that uses dog pads) She lives home alone and does not walk very well and will not use a walker and I am out there two or three times a week. I have stressed the importance of taking the bathroom trash out daily and I have even put a one on the outside of the house. I find the bathroom trash moved from the bathroom to the kitchen area thrown down in a large black bag now smelling up the kitchen. I would like a medium size metal or stainless steel trash can with a step on lid or an itouch if I can find a medium size one. Hopefully it will contain the smells and she will only have to take the bathroom trash out once a day. Most of the trash cans I see have the plastic liner inside which seem to absorb the smells. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as far as stainless steel trash cans or metal trashcans?
Also, The heaven scent bags and even zip lock bags (to try to contain the odors) are a good idea but for us I feel like they are expensive. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me with this problem.

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As far as the can goes, there is a variety of sizes and shapes at Bed Bath and Beyond. They will not be cheap, but will be the thing you are looking for. Walmart also carries some, but will not have the selection of BBB.

As far as the liners go, the scented ones will be worth the cost. Walmart carries a line of inexpensive scented bags called Ruffies. They come in a roll, not a box. While at Walmart, get a stick-up deodorant and stick it to the top of the trashcan. Like Pam says, baking soda is a cheap and very good odor absorbent material.

If your mother is like mine, this will be a short term problem. Eventually, she may come to think that her pants do not need to be changed, no matter how wet or dirty. Also, her sense of smell is probably not as fine tuned as yours. Plus if you are around the smells all the time, you get used to them, but when you come in from outside, it knocks you over.

Baking soda. sprinkle some in the can when you change the liner and on top of the pee pads when they go in there. It's cheap and readily available.

I had the problem, bought a baby diaper pan with a lid for $19.00 at Walmart. I brought $5.00 (150) bags. I line the container it has a air tight lid works like a gem. Love it, no smells, no no open containers. I take it out each night, put in a new one.

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