Been taking care of my mother for 6 years. She is thinks that I should be home 24/7 just for her. I'm 32 would like to going out once in awhile. If I do go somewhere she calls if I don't come home she becomes verbal mean. Plus get some sleep she will wake me up all the time. Get about 4 hours of sleep a night. :(
Thank for listening

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Sam, it will help to answer if we are told more about why you are living with Mom. Is she ill? What are her medical conditions? Does she need 24/7 care? Do you have anybody that helps you if the care is needed?

If she does not need medical care, my thoughts are you need to either move her from your house to an appropriate living situation, or get your own life and you move out.

What are your mother's impairments? She must be quite young, if she has a child in her/his 30s.

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