Don't know why it took so long to figure it out. Sis was severe narcissist. About a year ago I had a "gut" feeling that she was going to make family promise her they would have nothing to do with me after she died. And that is exactly what happened. I should learn to go with my "gut" feeling. It is rarely wrong. I can learn to get along without family. My only concern is how to get handcrafted wedding presents to children since parents will not accept packages for adult children although that is the only address I have (children do not live at home.) I really want the children to have them because I put too much time and money into making them. But I guess I have some new gifts for myself.

By the way would like to know more about "cat cuddler." I've never heard of that before but sounds like something I would like and be physically able to do.

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You can find anything on the Internet and you would probably be able to find your niece/nephew addresses there if you know what city they live in. There are a lot of people search sites.

Re: cat cuddler call your local animal shelter or visit their website for community volunteers.

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