My husband and myself own everything together in joint bank accounts. If I take some of the money and put it in my name only in CD's that are only titled in my name and I do it 5 years before my husband apply's for medicaid will they still count the money I have in CD's that are only titled to me. Doesn't seem fair my husband and I worked together in business for years and saved everything together and some of the money gives me income to live on.

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The application asks about assets that either of you own.

I understand but what if I take some of the money and transfer it to a CD
In my name only.

His money is his money, and your joint money is his money, and your personal money is his money, too, as far as Medicaid application goes. When there is a community spouse the rules are different for what the couple can retain before the sick one qualifies for Medicaid. Supposedly the community spouse is not to be impoverished and has to have a means of support. It may not be at the level you are used to, though.

If your financial situation is a little complex and you fear that your spouse may need to apply for Medicaid, consult an estate planner very familiar with Medicaid or an attorney specializing in Elder Law.

And give up on expecting "fair." You'll be less frustrated if you just aim at figuring out how to follow the rules with the least disadvantage to you.

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