I am caring for both my parent's. Dad (87) Mom (79).
I used to be full of, I'm angry all the time, and I have feel like I just don't care anymore. I'm not a very nice person anymore, and that bother's me tremendously! Everything in this home revolves around illness, medication, hygiene, etc.. Any of you going through the same thing most certainly know the drill.
I would love some feed back, and some much needed friendly encouragement. I have never felt like running away from home till now!
Thank you,

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Angry is right! I've been there and the work load ate me alive. My mum was in her last stages of life due to breast cancer and she went through delirium. My grandmother has dementia so it felt like I was looking after children all day everyday. I was always angry, always lashing out at my boyfriend and crying myself to sleep. What you're doing is amazing and you've gone above and beyond for your parents. It's a very self less act in a generation of people who are so willing to put their elderly in a home without giving it a try. What support systems if any do you have in place? Exhaust all your sources to the max! I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

Nora if you're caring for BOTH mom and dad in your home (or you in their home) you're a saint! It sounds like both parents need 24/7 care where there are three shifts of people taking care of each of them and not just you! I'm not surprised you are having trouble keeping it all together.

I took care of my mom and dad for 9 years, but they lived in independent living and were moderately self sufficient. My dad died five years ago and now I just have mom and she needs more help from me. It's about to drive me crazy some days. Please consider getting your folks into a facility where they can have round-the-clock care from more people than just you. What you're trying to do requires super human strength, stamina and patience and I imagine you're just human like the rest of us. {{Hugs}}

what health issues do your parents have? im confused your profile says looking after "nora" 53yrs?

We are all in the same boat on here so youve come to the right place! Do any of them have dementia. Do you work outside the home?

Im looking after my mum who has dementia which is a challenge but i cant imagine two parents. Is there any reason you cant leave or are they both ill? Its very sad and a huge responsibilty for you do you have any siblings? family near that help out? Have you spoken to your doctor about how you are feeling? Sorry lots of questions but you dont give much information!
Hang in there we are all stressed out here and all with the same issues looking after ill elder people.
I know what you mean about running away when its thier house its so much harder i know i cant do this for much longer so youre not alone.

Let us know more and everyone will try and help you out!

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