Took 87 yr old mom to doc this week.

Let me say, LOVE LOVE our doc.

She gave her myriad of complaints, per usual.

” My knees hurt, can I get a cortisone injection in both knees?? My last doctor did this! My pinky finger goes numb all the time!! I don’t know my real diagnosis.....etc, etc, etc........

I fill her pills every week, she lives with me, I pay the mortgage out of my bank account, 2 useless brothers who know nothing....they don’t care...they have been living their lives last 40 years.

Do they know she walks from LR to her room, s___ing across the wooden floor without even telling me??


At docs office, I knew she was hoping doc would mention surgery as fixes.

Afterall, it was her go to last 40 years.......

He is so great at explaining conservative versus surgery at age 87 which has a better chance of doing you in.

I informed her, I am 62, not pain free, but I don’t announce my aches and pains daily.

Here we go........ready?????

I couldn’t resist.......:)

I said, “Maybe, you’re nearing your expiration date.”

The doc and I laughed like hell..............

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Too cute! I also try to handle things with humor,, even when it is hard. It's easier to tell stories with a laugh than a cry sometimes

Arithmethea, keep it up. Laughs are sometimes hard to come by. My wonderful wife is living with her mother. She is 94, legally blind, hard of hearing. Lately she is seeing things that aren't there. Animals, lots of people, trees, a group of four ladies that come every day for dinner. So today she says to my wife and I. "You folks don't know what you are missing." LOL!

I know my best before date has come and gone and I'm only 57.


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