Its been two years


My mom passed away two years ago on her birthday Jan.5th .2006 And I am still having a hard time adjusting to life without her.I worked in the health field as a caregiver for the handicap.So I thought I was prepared to help my mom,Thank God for Hospice.They sent us an angel her name was Diane, My Mom loved her from the start,I would not have got through that dark time without her right there,she was very honest about the stages my Mom was going through in fact I told her my Mom would not leave on her Birthday and Diane said Baby could you think of a better day? She told me to make sure we got her a cake and put some frosting on her lip and celebrate,We did just what she told us and shortly after My Mom opened her eyes,looked around at all her children,Closed her eyes and went so peacefully,I still cry alot when I think of that moment but I would never change having her home with the help of Hospice.Now I am trying to get a job working with Hospice but unable to find the source I need to get employment with them.I really want to do that sort of caregiving because I know I have the compassion it takes,I want to be that angel that walks through the door and helps you get through it all,And maybe then I can HEAL. Thank You Hospice Chris Anderson

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Dear Devon Dee, what a neat thing to go out to your daughter's favorite restaurant to celebrate her birthday! I can't imagine that being anything but painful, but what a special way to honor her in memory. What a wonderful mother you are! I feel for you in your pain, which must be difficult. Will be praying for you, for comfort and peace in the midst of the storms, and through the dark valley. Anne

It is great to hear that your experience with hospice was so positive. The Hospice Foundation of America would be a good place to call to find out about jobs in your area. There are also many volunteer opportunities that you might find rewarding. Also found this website that might help you:

What are some of the things you are doing to get through the grief? I seem to take a few steps forward, and something comes along to rekindle the pain. Yesterday was my daughters 51 birthday. We went out to her favorite resturant to celebrate, It was happy/sad to remember the fun things about her, but really miss her physical presence.