I'm in a real pickle over here. I'm a RN working in Neuro Institute (Columbia Presbyterian) and professionally am long familiar with all the presentations and manifestations of dementia. My own mother had Alzheimer's at age 63 and died 10 years later after aspiration (pneumonia/MI) and I was the primary caretaker for 8 of those 10 years.

Here's the situation now -- my immediate neighbor 76 years old re-acquired a house after his wife's death, there is an in-ground pool. This is on Long Island in a quite little hamlet suburb. Real quiet. It's summer and I am now enduring a daily day camp of +15-20 children screaming in delight with a pool. On the weekend it's a mixed bag but now alcohol and BBQ fueled with the blasting music until one or another neighbor calls 911 to enforce a noise restriction. We're limited here, as he's "invited" these guests. Anybody have experience with this?

You know, frequently with dementia the presenting symptom maybe a judgment error not unlike this. No, there is no family who can intercede. I'm living here 26 years. We all live peacefully and party throughout the summer, but always respecting a neighbor's boundary. As I'm typing this -- there is extraordinarily loud and profane music thumping, there are screaming adults/children in the pool. The homeowner, well I'm not certain where he is. He may well be physically there. That's the question. Any advice?

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Let me see if I get this: You have a (new?) neighbor whose house is a constant source of noise and disturbance. Unlike the established community, he doesn't seem to be considerate of his neighbors.

There are ordinances in place, and police can be called to enforce the allowed noise level. Is that effective, at least for a while?

I'm kinda reading between the lines here, but you suspect that this disregard for the neighbors and/or the choice of activities, music, etc., might be an indication that your neighbor has dementia. Is that right? Are there any other symptoms that point in that direction? Are you thinking that all those visitors are taking advantage of him?

How would you handle the situation differently if you knew for sure that your neighbor has some type of dementia? Do you think that the police could handle it any differently if that were the case?

What is it you want advice about?

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