Is there any way I can get any income for taken care of parent . I quit my job and have no money at all coming in living off my 401k

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i took care of my terminally ill father and my mother ( who became increasing frail , and unable to walk) for over 2 years. i did live in his home and paid no rent or utilities. i did the majority of the cleaning, cooking, shopping,laundry ,etc.. and spent approx 4600.00 on groceries, cleaning supplies, yard, etc.... my siblings did not assist me, although they did hire someone to come in once a week and mop the kitchen, livingroom, da's bedroom, and the bathrooms. ( she was there less than 2 hours and dad paid her $50.00 for each visit) i paid for all of my own expenses,. my Mother recently fell and broke her hip while i was in the other room - now my siblings have decided that Mom needs to be permanently placed in a nursing home . I am in my mid fifties, have not had a paycheck for nearly 2 mos. my 'family" did give me $200.00 per week for "living" expenses. - out of dad's estate - but now are going to sell the house. My brother has expressed an interest in my receipts for the items I purchased, including food, while i have been here caring for my folks - 2 yrs worth .
Any advise - I do feel used - especially since I know once this is all over none of them will have any use for me. What would you do ?

If the parent has assets you can have him/her pay the household expenses like utilities, fuel, groceries, etc.