10 months ago Mom was hospitalized for COPD, was put on hospice and was told she was dying. She had no choice but to come live with myself and spouse. She was put on morphine and fell on her way to the restroom and from then on, was told to not get out of bed again. So, I became the 24/7 caregiver. Now she is bedridden, all food and drink needed to be carried down to her. I have taken over all her bills, and accounts. I scheduled all these weekly hospice visits. I live in a tri level house. After 6 months of being totally trapped in this house, hospice says "Well we have to let you go next week as your not dying." So I have to find a new doctor immediately and get her to the doctor. No small feat. I have to return all of her medical equipment and get a new order of supplies approved through it. Whew. She has had therapies to get her walking some, but not well. Just totally lazy. Doesn't like to get dressed, comb hair, or even get out of bed. She wants to lie I. Bed and read all day. Ugh. I argue with her, at leaste brush your teeth. I just want her to go home and hire a couple of care givers. So so tired. Am I horribly mean?

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No. You're not.

Get her house set up nicely, get her caregivers in place, make sure she's got some kind of call system installed, perhaps ask an OT to check the place over... then take her home. She'll be fine.

No. I don't think you are horribly mean. Could mother go home and hire caregivers? Is that feasible? It might even inspire her to be a little more active.

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