I am a 62 y/o woman that has been on this site for a little while, reading lots of your posts and not commenting until today. I am a retired nurse mostly specializing in pediatrics and psychology. That is a weird combination but it was the best of all my studies that I was good in and enjoyed. I took care of my grandfather with leukemia and years later my grandmother. I also took care of my husband's 96 y/o aunt and his 92 y/o dad. I did not take care of my own mother with pancreatic cancer as she was never a part of my life. When I was 18 months old my grandparents found that she was leaving me 10 to 12 hours a day to be with different men while my father worked. He took me to my grandparent's house where we lived until I married my husband at 20. I did make some amends with her and was able to visit her for a few months prior to her death. I retired a few years early due to debilitating dizziness with a menieres type disease. I live in a small neighborhood in Mississippi where most of my neighbors are 80 plus, and am quite close to some of them, helping as I can. I hope to chime into conversations when I feel I can be of some help and wish to meet many friends here.

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Welcome, Stew! I live in a fairly large metropolitan area in Minnesota. You may have noticed that the participants here are from a wide range of places and have many different kinds of experiences to share.

Welcome, Stew! It is good to meet you. I'm in Alabama.

Welcome stew! I have seen a coyple of your posts. Sound as if you have done plenty of caregiving and will have suggestions for others. Tgere are many experienced caregivers on this site and we are all able to help and support one another. Welcome again.

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